Monday, 21 November 2016

Poland - About land art

Today we had a meeting with the artist Włodzimierz Trawiński PhD.He told us about his work, he explained what it is "land art "and he showed some pictures of the works of various artists. Now we are planning workshops....☺

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Photography Reunion Island

Photography of Reunion Island by the students
The Art Class
They tried to represent you the diversity of their city Saint Pierre.
The thematics were : Island - volcanic - tradition - multiculturalism - tropical - in change - art - mixed
♥Old Woman in the leaves by nola capo-chichi
♥ photo boutik lontan - old store by NOLA CAPO-CHICHI
♥ Traffic jam by NOLA CAPO-CHICHI

History by Audrey
Tradition Talha Beebeejaun

♥the port of Saint Pierre by NOLA capo-chi chi
Île tropical  Plage, Strand, Beach, Playa Théa Certat 405 ♡
Multicultural by Mme Torres Laure
nid oiseau bird nest by Alan
Old House in Terre Sainte by Mme Torres Laure
port de St Pierre harbor St Pierre by Alan
The beach of Terre Sainte by Manon
♥ panoramique by NOLA CAPO -CHICHI

Friday, 4 November 2016

First session of photography Caracal Romania

A beautiful view from our park

Colorful leaves

Green nature

Our flag

Sunset in Caracal

Creating art

Cute chow-chow

Over the rainbow (taken from our classroom)

Purple everywhere

Seagull in Romania

Street-art in our park

Autumn landscape from Caracal

Our theatre

A sweet treat


Amazing sunset at the lake

All these pictures were taken by our students.

The rest of our team

Caracal seen from above

The first part of our team