Sunday 12 February 2017

Reunion Island : Final Works of photography

There are the final works of photography exhibited at the moment at the library of the school.
- Technic : Pictures laser printed and stock on wood - 

Historic -  un Lavoir - a old woman washing clothes    ♥ Thea CERTAT

♥The port of Saint Pierre by NOLA capo-chi chi

♥Old Woman in the leaves by nola capo-chichi

The beach of Terre Sainte by Manon

Tradition by Talha Beebeejaun

Port de St Pierre - Harbor St Pierre by Alan

Old House in Terre Sainte by Torres Laure

Nid d'oiseau  - Bird nest by Alan

Tradition by Ethan

Painting of an old man by Manon

♥ Traffic jam by NOLA CAPO-CHICHI

♥ Panoramic by NOLA CAPO -CHICHI

Multicultural by Mme Torres

History by Audrey