Monday 24 April 2017

Poland-Theatre 1. Our visit to the Teatr Animacji in Poznań

Today  we visited Teatr Animacji (Animation Theatre) -  with Agata Drwięga, theatrologist

The theater with its repertoire aimed at children and young adults, and a focus on fairy tale classics and modern plays. Interesting performances and a unique, partner approach to the young viewers facilitate the development of imagination and independent thought.Teatr Lalek (the Puppet Theater), in Poznań since 1945, changed its name in accordance with its new artistic challenges. Since 1989 it has the name of Teatr Animacji, and with its unique aesthetic has been one of the most interesting, outstanding puppet theaters in the world. Individual and collective awards, received in prestigious festivals stand to prove the theater’s highest artistic stance, as do Atesty (Certificates), awarded by ASSITEJ - Polish International Center for the Children and Young Adults Theater Association. The Poznań theater organizes the biyearly KON-TEKSTY International Modern Arts for Children and Young Adults Festival.

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